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Showing an Apartment


Indy Rental Management, LLC has a combined 30+ years of experience in  property management in Indianapolis, Greenwood and throughout the Indy Metro area. 

For single or multiple property owners, we are ready to help provide your property with the care and attention it needs.


As a group of experienced property managers, we take pride in not only recognizing but anticipating your needs.  We understand that your investment requires someone who can be a proactive in care and maintenance and other property management issues.



Whether you need management services for a single property – or, assistance for an entire portfolio of real estate holdings, we can be the relief for your property management headaches. We manage properties in Indianapolis, Greenwood, Franklin, Avon, Plainfield and all of central Indiana.


We understand how each approach the process differently. Our discounted brokerage fees help homes move faster; that’s a universal advantage to everyone who works with us. Let us help you sell or buy your home! We have many homes for sale in the greater Indianapolis Metropolitan area.


We specialize in helping individual investors source housing opportunities for investment rental portfolios.  Our track record is based upon providing both helpful advice and the type of educated information that yields long term results. If you are involved in residential rentals, we can help you identify, upgrade and lease your next property.


When you can't be in two places at once - Indy Rental Management LLC‘s

property management service is the next best thing.  You can assure that every aspect of your property is well maintained and properly cared for – with an affordable fee structure.

Not only are we are there to fix things when they break and make sure the lawn get mowed – we act as liaison among tenants and landlords, renters and contractors, and we will even pick up your rent checks when they are ready. We can make your headaches go away with the superior property management solutions offered by Indy Rental Management LLC. 

Call us today!

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